Maxwell Lill | Teenage Programming Prodigy

From the beginning of 2010 right to the end of 2013 Max Lill was schooled at The Illawarra Grammar School. Upon finishing year ten Max moved to Smiths Hill High School to complete the HSC. The subjects he studied are four units of computers, Maths and Physics, Business and English.

“I enjoy both the software and hardware aspects of computers. Gaining an understanding of how a piece of software operates gives me a sense of achievement. Languages such as Python, C++ and C# are all languages that i have explored before. Using each language for a different purpose was complicated at first as i had to change my way of thinking but it was amusing to see all my easy mistakes. The similarities and differences between the languages are what makes reading them difficult. C# would display a message with print() as would python, however to collect a users input C# requires raw_input(), python collects its data using input() There are many more slight differences that change between all languages but this is what makes using each variation interesting.”

Having completed the bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh award and Maxwell is aiming to finish his gold before his conclusion at high school. “I decided to do Duke of Ed because it allowed me to explore more of myself than I would have done without it. I never would have considered participating in community events but these awards have changed my outlook on these concepts and opened many more opportunities for me to consider.”

python-logoWhen Max first began to program he was introduced to python because of its beginner friendly environment. “I began most of my programming experience with python during the NCSS python competition. This competition had an easy, medium and hard section being ambitious as i was i chose to do both the easy so i could learn the basics of python as well as the medium challenge so i could challenge myself and use what i was learning in the easy section. The difficulty of the medium challenge is what started my love of programming.”