Pascal or Python

Both pascal and python are useful languages in their own right. Pascal was designed by Niklaus Wirth to encourage the use of good programming practices. Python on the other hand is a general use high level language. With Python programmers can design their code in fewer lines. This is really useful when considering larger projects as it means less effort. Like other dynamic languages Python is often used as a scripting language although it is not limited to this. As Python is a general purpose language it doesn’t have a specific strength but to learn to get a taste of a variety of programming options Python is handy as its always the same language.

Pascal is an easily understandable language it uses english instead of ASCII characters making it easy to read. Pascal was designed to teach algorithms and formal specifications. The distinct strength of Pascal is that most of the development of code can be focuses on the program itself unlike C++ and Python where a developer needs to focus on the memory of variables etc…

Choosing which language to use will vary depending on what it is you hope to achieve, which ever language is more effective to use for a specific task(s) will have its Pros greater than its Cons. An example is Pascal is useful for object oriented programming but Python is good for all round combinations of code.


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