Pascal or Python

Both pascal and python are useful languages in their own right. Pascal was designed by Niklaus Wirth to encourage the use of good programming practices. Python on the other hand is a general use high level language. With Python programmers can design their code in fewer lines. This is really useful when considering larger projects as it means less effort. Like other dynamic languages Python is often used as a scripting language although it is not limited to this. As Python is a general purpose language it doesn’t have a specific strength but to learn to get a taste of a variety of programming options Python is handy as its always the same language.

Pascal is an easily understandable language it uses english instead of ASCII characters making it easy to read. Pascal was designed to teach algorithms and formal specifications. The distinct strength of Pascal is that most of the development of code can be focuses on the program itself unlike C++ and Python where a developer needs to focus on the memory of variables etc…

Choosing which language to use will vary depending on what it is you hope to achieve, which ever language is more effective to use for a specific task(s) will have its Pros greater than its Cons. An example is Pascal is useful for object oriented programming but Python is good for all round combinations of code.


Apple VS Windows

There is always debate about which operating system is better. Some people say that Windows is better because it is easier to configure others say Apple is better because of its easy use. Well today I’m going to lay out a few pros and cons of both.

Apple computers aren’t designed for gaming purposes or for large amounts of RAM usage on a regular basis. They were designed for work related tasks. Word processing, photo and video development and programming are just a few examples. The elegant design of the Apple keyboards makes typing on these keyboards easy when working with word processors and programming. Their stylish desktop and dock collaboration makes the use of the computer smoother. Apple computers have been known for a long time to have no or limited viruses this is one large perk for buying apple devices making them easier to manage. There is no need to modify apple computers as they come built for use. Apple computers are known for their Video rendering and photoshopping are easily managed by apple computers and don’t require any extra hardware to run. Apple computers are all stock standard and offer great support and service when there is an issue with the device as every apple computer hardware wise is the same. As with the large desktop computers apple laptops have good quality hardware upon purchase. However after three or four years the laptops become harder to manage as software capabilities improve but the hardware on an apple computer does not. It is also very difficult to improve the hardware on an apple computer. The hardware itself is very expensive for the results you actually get.

Windows computers are the gaming PC’s of the world. Windows is used by more people all across the globe. This causes more software to be available not he app store. in comparison to Apple the Windows app store has tons more apps although not all the apps created for the app store are great there is still a variety of options available. When it comes to customisation Windows computers win hands down. There is much more flexibility in terms of hardware options, as almost all products are built for Windows operating systems. Windows require a lot of maintenance and the owners themselves have to be savvy with computers in order to fix them. Because a lot of Windows computers are custom built each one is different from the next, this makes getting support services for computer issues difficult. Viruses are also another problem that Windows user have to face. There are tons of viruses for Windows computers increasing the maintenance of each computer even further.

How Google works

GoogleThe google search engine is an art and a science. To begin with google trawls and indexes trillions of documents and pages a day. By using software called “web crawlers” they find publicly accessible webpages. By documenting these pages makes it accessible to everyone else not he internet. Websites owners can set up restrictions for “crawling”, changing what is shown as a summary of the page below the title or a cached version in case the live version is unavailable.

Spam is a major problem for search engines. Spam sites use tricks like invisible text and repeating a word to get their pages to the top of the search results. Googles algorithms can detect spam sites the majority of the time and put them at the bottom of a search but for the other occasions google teams review the sites.

Search engine optimisation is a technique employed by website managers to improve their occurrence when searched for. Manipulating the content of a website can cause it to be pushed to the top of a search so it is viewed by more people than if it was at the bottom of the search. the key “Ingredients” for SEO are titles, words throughout the page, links and the frequency of visitors to the site, all these aspects are considered when indexing a website.

There are also policies that have to be put in place to ensure certain information such as credit card numbers etc… remains private and that damaging content such as malware is removed. Access to information is a tricky situation free expression is a high concern with google but they must also manage things like malware legal requirements and preventing identity theft. In most cases the use of googlebots instead of manual labour is an effective way organise the search results. The reason being is algorithms are easily calibrated so improvements can be made fairly easily changing the requirements in the algorithms affects every search evenly. Manual exceptions have to be made to some sites as the algorithms cannot interpret the data given to it and can wrongly identify a webpage.

When google’s teams assess a page to be spam related they do their best to notify the web owner of any discrepancies and allow them to file a reconsideration request if they have modified the website to an improved standard. Google will remove certain information from search results if after a request they feel that you might be susceptible to identity theft and fraud. They will however deny a request for information removal if it’s seen as trying to abuse this policy for other reasons.

Legal removals occur when a breach of the law occurs. These laws can come from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) or from versions consistent with local law. When content is removed a notification of this occurrence is left in place of the search result. Content that is potentially disturbing is blocked from the search when not specifically searched for. Some search features are also disabled for queries where the results could be offensive. Google safe search is an effective search mechanism that when used blocks all content that could be pleasant to the viewer. With these policies in place google is taking steps towards ensuring that the content viewed on the internet is specific to the search.

Why Webics is the greatest company in the WORLD!!

matthew ozolins maxwell lill webics Me fist bumping Matthew Ozolins from Webics.

Webics is the greatest company in the world due to a range of characteristics. The work environment is friendly and the staff are obvious friends. The dress code is formal neat clothes etc.. but not belt, tie and suit wedding attire, this gives the business a dignified appearance without suffocating the employees. When it comes to the operations there is a definite laid back attitude to how things are gone about without out losing the businesslike approach. These traits, interact remarkably well with the atmosphere that is WEBICS.