My Ambitions

Although I’m in High school my aspirations aren’t limited to what’s offered within the closed boundaries of the school. Improving my knowledge and my skills of high level programming languages is essential. When I head into the workforce there will be numerous strong candidates to select from, in this circumstance I need to be more appealing to an employer than everyone else. The more languages i learn to code in, the broader my knowledge will become and the strong my skills will get. This will make me a more promising choice than other programmers. With different levels of programming languages under my belt i will find it easier to learn a new language and i won’t require as much time as other people.

After I become proficient in a multitude of languages the options available to me will be endless. The most likely option will be, to go to university and get a degree in computer science, business and statistics. This combination of subjects would hopefully lead me to a job involving system analyzing or processes management. These positions however are usually attained after being a programmer for ten to fifteen years as the analysts have an understanding of how the system runs, what its limitations are and if the requirements are feasible.

Deciding which path i want to go down will be the most challenging decision. With my knowledge of programming and the degrees i would hopefully attain. The options i choose form should be fairly business based because that will be what i have been studying for, yet exactly what type of business industry i want to enter will the choice. I’m considering system analysing, coming a statistician or business forecasting.