My Skills

I can program decently in many languages, but the languages I am used to programming in are Python and C#. The most enjoyable language to use in my opinion is python. It is easy for beginner programmers and can still offer challenges for experienced programmers. The versatility of python and its open source licensing makes python useful when assessing its value in terms of Web Programming, GUI Development, Software Development and system administration. Concepts and laws surrounding things such as Intellectual Property, Algorithms, Hardware and Software are all topics that i recognize and understand.

When given a task to complete, i work methodically and productively as an individual. This can be seen when it comes to school tests and my application at work. I also work well when in a group. I can manage people and keep them on an organized path towards a set goal.

When it comes to working on projects i approach each aspect systematically. I try to minimize the work but still achieve the desired goal. When working with code it is not uncommon to find a problem with the code. When situation like this occur i enjoy finding creative solution to these unexpected problems as this lets my artistic and imaginative side come out.